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Get in the Flow

Your brain waves are different


Use any compatible brainwave tracking device you prefer, and download our app.


Train your brain to be productive the way you define it


Input What You Feel

Our interactive app will ask you to input when you are experiencing a desired (or un-desired) state, such as: productivity, happiness, success, etc.

Do you want to get your brain the way you were “in the flow” while writing, composing, performing, talking

Get alert

We learn how YOUR brain works so we can alert you when you can be especially productive or successful and take advantage of it.


From the art of focus to the science of productivity

Meet the Team

  • team member

    Konstantinos Papakonstantinou, CEO
    Serial entrepreneur, founder/owner of Board Studios Inc agency for business-driven storytelling, 10 years of wall St investing experience, BA/MBA Harvard University.

  • team member

    Andreas Mershin, Co-Founder
    Andreas Mershin, Co-Founder of Resonant Brain Dynamics is Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms. He leads the Label Free Research Group in blissful ignorance of any boundaries between physics, (synthetic) biology, neuroscience and bioelectronics. He co-invented “Self Calibrating Protocols” with Thras Karydis, which makes them the world’s first "Perception Engineers”.

  • team member

    Susan Tang, CMO
    Executive Marketing Director for Global Skincare at Avon. CPG Camp Advisor. Previously, Marketing Director at Johnson & Johnson. MBA from Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, BS from Harvard University.

  • team member

    Eddie Wang, Perception Engineer
    Experienced Software Engineer and Product Designer. Undergraduate at Queen's University. Previously, Product Management at Scotiabank Digital Factory. He currently works as a fullstack engineer at Mindboostr.

  • team member

    Thrasyvoulos Karydis, Advisor
    Master’s student in the Media Arts and Sciences program at MIT Media Lab. He currently works as a Research Assistant in the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, actively involved in projects including computational and systems biology, neuroengineering, adaptive sensor design and femtosecond laser micro-machining.

  • team member

    Simmie Foster, Chair Scientific Advisory Board
    Neuroscientist and Clinical Psychiatrist. MD/PhD at Yale University. Postgrad training at MGH, UPenn, Boston Children's Hospital (affiliate with Harvard Med School). Experience in neuromodulation, pain, immunology, and sleep.